What’s in My Work Bag

tablet and more
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mini backpack with a sewn on patch and hello kitty charm
Ignore my bad stitching and the mismatched thread colors. My Hello Kitty charm makes up for it, right?

What’s in my work bag?

Hey, everyone! Today I’d like to show you what’s in my work bag. I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping a bag on me at all times since last year…well, I suppose that’s not entirely true. It’s only been since I stopped wearing pants that could hold the kitchen sink (I once had a pair of pants with 15 pockets – and they were huge!). When I’m at work (it’s a desk job, but I take frequent walks to keep my legs from falling asleep and because I get bored easily), I need a battery of things to keep my occupied, entertained and organized.

The Journal: I won’t scare you away with my terrible handwriting, but here’s where I brianstorm ideas for my channel (and my blog, now). I don’t have a set amount of time that I dedicate to brainstorming, I just pop it out when an idea strikes and try to build on it so I can have more than one post/video. I whip it out several times a day.

My planner: since I spend a lot of time brainstorming, I need a place to schedule my videos (for the appropriate days) and posts. I do that here. It’s easy right now on my channel – I have a theme for each day that I upload (Makeup Mondays, Weird and Wonderful Wednesdays, Friday Faves (6am for each of those) and Skincare Saturdays (8am). I’ve linked the playlists in case you’d like to check them out, later). For my blog, I’m still nailing down a schedule. I think Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday will be easiest, I like to stay busy).

Journal, phone charging case and a planner to help keep me organized and my phone alive.

Gum and Mints: I grind my teeth without gum (and still don’t know why), so I always have that on hand. Mints are nice for after I’ve had a cup of coffee or something (I also really just like the case, I found it at the World Market once).

A Pen: I keep one on me because my coworkers eat at the desk and I’m not sure if they’re leaving bits of nuts or something, so I like to use my own pen and minimize the risk of contact with something I might be allergic to.

Straws: I know this one’s kind of weird, but sometimes, I’ll go somewhere for a drink and they don’t offer straws. I just keep my own (or sometimes I buy a can of pop and I really don’t like how it feels on my teeth (I know that’s a super weird thing to not like), so I drink my pop through straws as well). I keep them in a baggie, so it’s not gross to have them in my bag.

Water Bottle: I like to stay hydrated – with water, preferably. Sometimes I’ll have tea in my water bottle for variety, but I’m usually satisfied with water.

camera case, mints, pens and makeup
Most of what’s in my bag.

Camera: I don’t need this one for work. I grab it in case I see something cool on my way to/from or on the rare occasions I remember to vlog part of the day. I keep the usb cord in my camera bag, as well. I’ve lost those just leaving them at home, since my tech drawer is a mess.

Tablet: sometimes, I bring my tablet to read kindle books.

Phone: I do everything in my phone so it’s always on me.

Chapstick/lipgloss/lipstick: I like to have smooth lips and sometimes I like to add color or shine.

tech and tea
Tablet, sunnies, tea and a lighter (along with a charger cable).

Dairy Pills: I’m lactose intolerant and sometimes, I really don’t feel like they help (I am beginning to wonder if I have a casein allergy), but I keep them on me, anyway.

Hello Kitty Candy Dispenser: I use this one for decoration. I think the candy is expired, lol.

Lighter: I don’t have a very good reason to keep this on hand, since I don’t smoke.

Compact: Gotta make sure there’s nothing in my teeth

So many things.

headphones in a tictac case: I know this looks weird, but I got sick of untangling my headphone cords, so I just started keeping them in my emptied tictac cases.

Phone Charger: Spending so much time in my phone, I definitely need a charge by the time my shift is over.

Sunglasses: I keep them in the bag so I can’t forget them on super-bright days. Usually, it’s not this super cute cat-ear pair, but no one’s seemed to mind when I did wear them.

mio, pink and wish products
Just a couple more things that I keep in my bag.

Tea: as mentioned above, sometimes I need a break from regular water – and sometimes, I’m lucky enough to get hot water from a nearby restaurant just for this. I have so much tea that I could totally dedicate a post to it.

A physical book: I can’t look at screens all day, so I bring a physical book. There are so many to choose from at home. Reading them on break is a welcome change from screens. I didn’t include a picture of the one I’m reading, right now, sorry!

Those are the things I usually carry in my bag, sometimes I can’t have it all, but I don’t mind rotating stuff around. Hopefully, you enjoyed seeing what I carry around for work. That’s all I’ve got for you all, today. For now, check out my newest hobby! Until next time, have a wonderful day and I’ll see you all soon~

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