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Knit kit and black yarn.
A beginner’s knitting kit and some yarn.

Learning A New Skill

Hey, now that we’ve gotten my cheesiness out of the way (I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a complete cornball, maybe it was my time in performing arts schools that made me okay with that?), let’s get to my new hobby – knitting! I’ve wanted to learn knitting for a while. I never got lessons and I wasn’t actively looking for books on it. Starting my blog seemed like a good enough excuse to buy a knitting set that I’d seen, but passed up. This one was only $10 and it has so much stuff. I’m not sure how much of this I’ll need, but we gon’ learn, today.

What really sold me on this one – the purple needles. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the only thing, I mean, it has a whole book and…some more stuff. I also got some yarn, but only the cheap kind until I learn some skills and feel confident enough to improve. I’ll have time this week (perhaps while I wait for my edited videos to render) to try a few lessons from the book. I’ll be sharing these with you along the way. By year’s end, I’d like to have knit a scarf, matching gloves and a beanie I can be proud of (I’m never without a beanie). This book has a section on extended sizing for sweaters, so maybe I’ll have knit one of those, as well.

I pretty much always need something for my hands to do, so I figured this is the perfect hobby. I can take it along wherever I go and make something useful while I do it. I’ve always admired those aforementioned classmates skill, speed and creativity with their projects. They seemed to breeze through a hat or scarf within a class or two (our classes were about 2 hours long, but for me, that was some impressive speed, since I don’t yet know how long it should take). Hopefully, you’ll find my knitting adventures enjoyable and maybe you’ll even join me on the ride?


That’s all I’ve got for now, so have a wonderful day and I’ll see you all soon! Until next time, check out my Local Foodie Adventures!


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