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Soo Ae V-Line and Hydrogel Lip Mask Review | Skincare Saturday

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Soo Ae V-Line and Lip Masks
Soo Ae’s V-LIne Chin Up Mask and their My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch

Soo Ae V Line and Collagen Hydrogel Lip Masks

Hey, wonderful people, hope you’re all having a great weekend and you know what day it is – Skincare Saturday! You get a twofer today on the blog (I only reviewed the lip patch on my channel). I love face masks more than is probably healthy, so I pick up all the masks I can find – even ones I might be a bit skeptical of. But it’s not the lip mask I don’t trust, I have two lip mask videos on my channel (well, three, now, lol. They’re in this playlist!). It’s this V-line mask. I’m pretty sure I saw Buzzfeed review them before I found my own at the store. I’d seen them, before, elsewhere, being big into K-beauty (I have a night skincare routine based on their trend). Today, I’m Reviewing Soo Ae’s V-Line Chin Up Mask and their My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch.

The Unused V-Line Mask Awaits.

It’ll Take More Work Than This.

I always knew these masks were bunk (well, since I started doing my research on health and fitness before becoming a personal trainer – which I’m not, anymore). For 1, I’ll never have a v-line unless I shave off some bone for that type of chin (my face has always been oval shaped and I don’t have a pointy chin). For 2, trying to get rid of chin fat will take more than a nice-smelling compression mask (and it does smell noooiiiiice). I’ve mentioned in a post or two that I have Hashimoto’s (I swear to the Gods I’m still working on that post about how (and whether) caffeine affects the thyroid).

So there are a few things I have to do if I’m to slim my face (a v-line for me, without surgery, is impossible). I definitely need to go harder with my cardio and start lifting, again. My diet is fine, I know it doesn’t look like it to an outsider, but, you know, an under-active thyroid tends to have that effect. My Instagram would suggest otherwise, but I do only post like 3x a month and it’s usually when I indulge (otherwise, I just have backup pics for days/weeks I don’t feel like doing much and I’ll edit/upload those in my down time at work).

fun times at "it doesn't work" high
Knowing it doesn’t work, here we sit. It was fun, though.

It Also Takes Time To See Results (and that’s with most things):

Anyway, especially with one use, I wouldn’t expect to see a huge difference (and that’s whether I use an anti-aging/cellulite-reducing/whatever type of product that makes claims to fix a skin-related issue or a mask that claims to shrink my face, lol (besides, overall fat loss is the goal)). In short, I basically just got this mask for a few cheap ($2.50) kicks and giggles. That said, it wasn’t, at all, an unpleasant experience. It did compress my face while it was on and it smelled very nice. It’s just that the compression basically stops the second this mask is removed.  I’m sure you can guess that I won’t be buying it again, but there’s no harm in some collagen and botanical extracts. Try Soo Ae’s V-line mask (or pretty much any other) at your own risk, but don’t be surprised if your face looks the same as before you put the mask on, lol. I do still love Soo Ae as a company, though.

Soo Ae Hydrogel Lip Patch
Soo Ae My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch

On to This Berry-Scented Lip Patch:

But this lip patch, though! It smelled like berries so much I almost wanted to eat it! Lol, jk, but it was pleasant. I’ve tried a couple different types of lip patches (as mentioned earlier) and I have to say, hydrogel are definitely my fave. I laid down while I used this one and got a cute cat-nap in. This hydrogel lip patch was supposed to moisturize and plump my lips, filling in any fine lines and giving me a “soft, kissable pout”. My dude, I already have big lips, so…if they got plumper, I didn’t notice, lol. My lips pretty much just looked the same, but moisturized, honestly.

I’m not mad (I didn’t read the description before buying, so it wasn’t until I was about to open it for the video that I saw it had a “plumping” claim. My lips didn’t feel irritated, though (I’ve heard of that happening with other items that plump lips). I’d definitely say give this one a go if your lips are feeling particularly dry, but I definitely cannot attest to any claims of increased “plumpness”.


That’s all I have for you all. I hope you enjoyed my reviews of Soo Ae’s V-Line Chin Up Mask and their My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch (they don’t claim to be paraben-free, but I have yet to see paraben in them, so…they’re probably safe if you’re allergic? Contact Soo Ae to know for sure, though)! If you did, be sure to like, comment and follow the blog! Also, let me know if you’ve tried anything like these (especially the v-line masks, I can’t tell how popular they are here, yet). Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you all soon! In the meantime, check out my last post (Soo Ae’s Anti-Aging Gold Peel-Off Mask) or if you’re feeling hungry, check out my review of a local restaurant I love and maybe come visit sometime!

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  1. Whoooa never heard of either of these types of masks. I feel so out of the loop. LOL I just started using sheet masks which I really enjoy. Guess that’s something? lol

    1. That’s definitely something, D’Ana! I love a good sheet mask. If you want to get more in-depth with skincare products, though, I have a nighttime routine video (I’ll make a blog post on it, soon) that you can check out, here!

  2. Thank you for this lol My lips have been very dry lately no matter how hydrated I am and I’ve been looking for a good lip mask or cream to use. I am going to try the hydrogel mask since you said its moisturizing!

    1. No prob, Brittany! I definitely know the feeling. Hope you get the results you’re looking for with this one!

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