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Local Foodie Adventures: Big River Pizza PTs 1 & 2/ Art Crawl, Decisions, Decisions

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Local Foodie Adventures: Big River Pizza Pts 1&2 | Art Crawl and Decisions I Have To Make

Hey, wonderful people. Just a quick disclaimer before I continue with this post: I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the first Local Foodie Adventures: Big River Pizza article as it was (and there’s no video for that one, but if you’d like, this portion of the post does have a corresponding video, albeit very short, you can check it out, here: https://youtu.be/hQdhcDjVX0I ,)so it wasn’t included in my “this blog is a birthday present to myself “ group of posts, even though that event was supposed to be a birthday present. So, I’ve revisited the place, again with a friend (who’s camera shy, so you won’t see them in the blog or video posts, though I may refer to them throughout).

Here’s the original LFA: BRP post for you all:

Open for More SelectShow

So, here we are at big river pizza, again (kudos if you made it through the spoiler/previously unreleased Local Foodie Adventure: BRP. You’re a trooper) after visiting the art crawl (which was tons of fun) for a quick lunch before heading back home. But before I dive into my pizza and Mr. Pibb (which I haven’t had since I was six), here are some things I saw at the crawl (be sure to follow my insta for more pics)! 

Well done.
A music room sign. Truly, all forms of artists are welcome to live in the artist’s co-op.

First, this lovely jewelry in the basement. Not sure who makes it, but if they’re here next time, I’d like to get my hands on some.

I could always use more jewelry ...
Jewelry table by a local artist.

My mom would love this Prince painting. I think someone already bought it, though. Totes jelly. 

Perhaps if I'd gotten there sooner ...
Prince awaits.


Really, I came to see an old teacher of mine who lived here during the last art crawl, but he wasn’t here, anymore. I did run into a photographer I met last time, though. He was super helpful and answered all my photography questions. But now I have to choose a camera brand? I’ve only used two, so far. Seems like a big commitment right now, but I can still use both until I decide. (Most of these were shot on my Canon eos m100, the others were shot on my Nikon L830).

How would you decorate your door?
This one was shot on my Nikon, the previous Prince painting was shot with my Canon.

Here is some dope-ass door art. One of my favorite things about this building is the door art. Wish I could paint my door (without incurring a fine).

How do you like your pie cut? I'm a squares girl.
A helpful pie graph.


While I was at Big River, I decided to continue my camera comparison (I have decided which to use for vlogging, but that’s just bc the lcd screen allows me to see myself and whether the camera has focused on whatever I’m holding up for you all to see (like in my Krispy Kreme Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Taste Test). That’s one of the main reasons I decided on my Canon eos m100). So, here’s a gif I made with my Nikon L830.

Crispy pepperoni is delicious and perfectly cooked.
Canon close-up reveals all.
I'd still eat, tho :)
Nikon leaves me questioning my abilities.

And a couple shots of the pizza. The first was shot with my canon’s zoom, the second was my Nikon L830 (it looked clear in the lcd, my hands were steadied by the counter and my body, but that’s what I got with it… I’ve had this issue before with that one). 

Beer for you, peppers for me.
Nikon beer and red peppers

That was my friend’s beer (I can’t stand the stuff).

Which do you prefer?
Canon beer and peppers.

The Time has Come …

I can’t decide on a brand so soon. I like both cameras for different things (like, thus far, my canon for vlogging, it’s pictures aren’t half bad, either). I’ve had the Nikon longer, but definitely haven’t gotten all I could have out of it. Also, the reason I have two Nikons is purely because my Polaroid (my first “vlogging camera”) died on me, I needed something cheap to film with in the mean time, and the polaroid was discontinued, but there the baby nikon was for $40 on ebay. I got some decent pictures with it (though, as you can see, some of them still came out blurry in my Afro Deli LFA (and maybe I just have shaky hands, idk), but I only used that camera (and maybe my phone for a couple shots). I’ve got time to decide, I guess, is what I’m getting at.  

Canon, fallout shelter door.
I’ve begun to notice a few more of these since the art crawl.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post of my #fridayfaves/ local foodie adventures (20 points to whoever gets my song references in these posts (two are from the same song)). If you did, be sure to share and subscribe (both to the blog and my YouTube channel), check out my previous blog post: Krispy kreme Donut Flavored Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Taste Test, or it’s corresponding videohave a wonderful day and I’ll see you all next time, bye ~~~

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