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Local Foodie Adventure: Kyatchi: Lowertown | Friday Faves

Orange Kyatchi sign.
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Local Foodie Adventure – Kyatchi: Lowertown

Orange Kyatchi sign.
Kyatchi’s welcoming orange sign hangs above the establishment.

This Local Foodie Adventure started last week, as I was meandering around Lowertown where I met Sarah, who co-owns both this location and another in Minneapolis (which I’ll also have to check out, soon). She was super warm and welcoming. I told her about how I wanted to try Tanpopo, but never quite got around to it. She welcomed me to check out Kyatchi, which used to be Tanpopo and handed me a couple menus (one is the drink menu, the other is for the food), which is how I decided ahead of time what to try (though, I later told her during the course of the meal that I had a very hard time  narrowing down my selection to what I ended up with. It all just looked so good).

Huge Mural.
This mural hangs over the bar. Kyatchi is next to CHS staduim.

Right by CHS Stadium (and the Farmer’s Market)

I was super impressed when I came in. The artwork and décor were beautiful, very natural, the tables made of a sturdy wood, I felt at home (also, years ago, I use to take Latin Dance lessons in this building, so that helped). There was a huge mural over the bar that I loved, but also the wood pieces on the wall next to my table. Unfortunately, I was having trouble with my camera that night and forgot about my phone, but here’s the big mural. Kyatchi is next to CHS stadium where the St. Paul Saints play. There are a couple baseball players in the mural.

All of the waiters were wonderfully attentive, my glass was never empty, and (what we’re all really here for) the food was divine. The pork belly in the ramen melted in my mouth.

I’ve tried many times to make a halfway decent onigiri and none of my attempts held a candle to this sake onigiri (filled with cooked salmon, my absolute favorite). The daikon served on the side was pickled to perfection with just the right amount of sweetness.

Sake Onigiri.
Sake (cooked salmon) Onigiri and daikon.

Yakisoba Dog

The Yakisoba dog (made with Limousin beef) was incredible. I used to be very simple in my hot dog tastes, just ketchup and mustard. I couldn’t be paid to put relish on it and wouldn’t have fathomed any other topping. This was all shamefully recent. I’m really glad my tastes have changed. This dog comes with stir fried soba noodles, onion, red ginger and Japanese mayo. It was stacked! 

My momo skewer was perfectly juicy (and I chose takoyaki sauce, another option was sea salt). The Takoyaki sauce was incredible. I’ll definitely be trying more skewers when I come back. To drink, I had the peach white tea, which was delightfully light but the perfect complement to the meal.

Yakitori Momo Kushimono from Kyatchi
Momo Kushimono (skewer). I got the chicken with yakitori sauce.

Just Dessert

To end the meal, I had the cheesecake with miso caramel sauce. The cheesecake was delicious and creamy, of course (it’s homemade New York style). The miso caramel sauce was thick and reminded me of salted caramel candy. Also, when I mentioned my food allergies, my waitress double and triple checked to ensure that my food would be safe and prepared in a separate section of the kitchen.

Donna's cheesecake with caramel sauce.
Donna’s cheesecake with miso caramel.

I can’t wait to return. Sarah was right – I just may have found home!

That’s all I have for you, today. I hope you enjoyed my review of Kyatchi and if you did, be sure to check out my last LFA, here, where I check out the Art Crawl and Big River Pizza. Share and subscribe here to the blog and for much more content, including makeup, skincare and other food reviews, subscribe to my YouTube channel, AllofTheAbove. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day~

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