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Krispy Kreme Donut Flavored Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Taste Test / Storytime

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Krispy Kreme Donut Flavored Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Taste Test


Hi, wonderful people and welcome back to my blog, I Am All of The Above, where I do it all, so there’s something for everyone (and if you’re new here, hi! Welcome to the party! Today, I’m giving the blog version of my #weirdandwonderfulwednesday video, Krispy Kreme Donut Flavored Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Taste Test, because I’m antsy to get back into blogging after my hiatus.

Today, I’m doing a taste test of these Krispy Kreme donut flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans that I found last minute at TJ MAXX, because that’s my favorite place to shop, obvi, lol (no, seriously, most of my haul videos (or product reviews, like this Global Beauty Care Pore Refining Gel Mask Video (and corresponding blog post)) are from there, wish or thrift stores…and it’s mostly TJ MAXX, tbh).

A Brief Story Time:

Anyway, I only went in to find a couple of hair tools, but these Krispy Kreme donut flavored jelly belly jelly beans caught my eye in the checkout line. I’m no avid connoisseur of either donuts or jelly beans, honestly (a donut once a quarter is enough for me, and I only care about jelly beans on Easter).

I remember when Krispy Kreme was a huge deal in school (when I lived in Georgia). I was fresh from my home state, starting yet another new year at my ninety-billionth school (I was an army brat and my family just kept moving after that like some nomads).  Here, we didn’t have Krispy Kreme, yet, so when one of my new classmates asked if anyone in the class would buy a Krispy Kreme for a buck, I asked what that was, and promptly got called stupid (by pretty much my entire class, having not yet seen the contents of the box (or a Krispy Kreme store there, either…) for not knowing, until I explained that we didn’t have the establishment where I came from. (I also got asked if I bought my clothes at Rainbow, which, up here, is a grocery store (I do not know when we got our first Rainbow clothing store, tbh, just that it was after this incident / year of torture (comment below if you’d like that story time, in the meantime, enjoy this one about my worst year of school) so I thought the girl who asked me was trying to make fun of me…she probably was, as she spent the entire year doing so.)

The Fun Begins:


F*ckin’ Cinnamon Apple!

Now, my history with Krispy Kreme (and a dead meme) out of the way, we begin the taste test. First, we have the cinnamon apple donut flavored jelly bean. It really does taste like cinnamon and apples, so I’m not upset about it. Unfortunately, I have no donuts with which to compare flavors, so I can’t say that it tastes exactly like the donut, but whatever. It’s still good, and based on this, I would probably try a cinnamon apple flavored doughnut (while I like the flavors individually and in pies, I have yet to try a donut of this flavor.


Not Exactly Strawberry Shortcake

Next is the strawberry iced Krispy Kreme donut flavored Jelly Belly jelly bean. This one is lacking in the strawberry flavor a little bit, for my preferences, and I tried it twice (once on each side of my mouth to make sure I wasn’t just testing remnants of the first donut flavored jelly bean). I hoped to enjoy this one a bit more than I had. I was hoping the strawberry icing flavor would be a bit more prominent, but it’s okay.

Plain Ol’ Glazed

Next, my third favorite flavor of doughnut: plain glazed donut jelly bean. This one is spot on! I can’t even say anything bad about it. My go-to flavor for doughnuts (in the absent of my other faves), and now my go-to of this box (so far).

Blueberry Cake? Oh, yeah!

Moving on to my second favorite donut flavor -blueberry glazed cake. (Really, 1-3 are all tied as favorites (solely speaking of donut flavors in general, with powdered donuts. I’m pretty plain when it comes to donut flavors, but it’s not like I have a fun donut shop with creative donuts around me (and there’s too much risk of cross contamination with nuts for me to try at most places, anyway. Not worth it). This one is a perfect flavor match, and I’m delighted. When I go to SA, this is the one I get. The blueberry really pops (and it’s one of the rare blueberry flavored things I enjoy. Otherwise, I hate them).


Now, we’re at the end. All that’s left is my last favorite, but I won’t let that get in the way of a review, but as you all know (hopefully), I’m a product reviewer, not a product worshipper, and I’m only human, so I’ll have different opinions on what tastes good than someone else. It’s almost unbelievable how many people watch a review just to ridicule someone for not liking/experiencing some product the same way they do.

All that aside – the chocolate iced donut with sprinkles flavored jelly bean tastes just like it should. Very chocolaty, definitely what I remember about chocolate iced donuts with sprinkles.they hit the mark with this one, and while I’m let a friend enjoy these jelly beans, it was definitely worth the taste test.

That Was Fun

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about these Krispy Kreme donut flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans. If you did, be sure to share and subscribe (both here, to the blog and here, to my channel (All of the above), leave a comment with your favorite donut and/or jelly bean flavor (or least favorite). Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye ~

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