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Insane Makeup Clearance at Target! Weekend Makeup Haul

makeup and skincare from Target
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Makeup Haul for A Steal

target clearance makeup
Some of the makeup I got from Target’s clearance this weekend.

Hey, everyone! I just wanted to share with you all some of my finds from this clearance sale I stumbled into at Target. I came in for contact paper (which I didn’t find this time) and poster board (I ended up having to go somewhere else, so I didn’t grab it). Maybe next time. Anyway, I planned on completely avoiding the makeup section until a later date, but I found myself inside the makeup section twice (the first time was just in passing). That’s when I noticed their insane makeup clearance and had to get some last-chance items for this haul.

The second time is when I noticed that a 48 shade palette by e.l.f. was just $7.00, where it had previously been $10. I kept sitting on it because I wasn’t looking for those colors, but it went on sale and I had to have it. I figured it would also be the perfect opportunity to grab some NYX products since so many were also on sale.

But before we get into the NYX portion of this haul, let me finish with e.l.f. I don’t often purchase e.l.f. makeup. I bought an eyebrow kit once in 2014 that I loved and a blush set that made me look ashy. It was the deepest shade they had at the time but I’ve seen that they have more variety, now. I also got an eyeshadow stick that broke within a week. Once, I found a great e.l.f. lipstick (Bordeaux Beauty) at the dollar store. I used it in a makeup tutorial video and I can’t wait to use it, again. That’s just my brief history with e.l.f. makeup.

e.l.f. – already a steal, now for a deal.

What I bought this time: A moisturizing lipstick in “Flirty & Fabulous” ($2.55, originally $3.00), their Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Tint in Red Orange Wash ($3.40, orig. $4.00), an intense ink eyeliner (in Black Navy $2.55, orig. $3.00) and a foundation palette (Medium/Dark $5.10, orig. $6.00). I’m excited to try this one, but I’m apprehensive that there may not be a match for me. Either way, I can’t be mad at a clearance on makeup that’s already sold at a great price-point. I may not buy their makeup on a regular basis, but I have noticed their pricing. Their skincare line is what I usually look for.

NYX lavender steel powder
NYX illuminating powder from Target’s clearance.

Onto NYX: I’ve only ever used their Wicked Lippie (it was a green one that I had to order online), so I was excited to see more for such a steal. I got MLS41: Up The Bass ($2.98, orig. $5.99 kind of purple shade), Butter Gloss: Black Berry Pie ($2.48, orig. $4.99) and an illuminating powder ($3.98, orig. $7.99) in Lavender Steel. It’s not a huge collection, but I get to try a few fun products and see if I’m interested in exploring the brand further. Most of the NYX reviews I’ve come across have nothing but positive things to say, so my fingers are crossed.

The last thing I bought during this haul was a Pretty Animals energizing Cat Mask which will be featured in a future Skincare Saturday post/video.

makeup and skincare from Target
Makeup haul from Target’s clearance over the weekend and a sheet mask.
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16 thoughts on “Insane Makeup Clearance at Target! Weekend Makeup Haul

  1. Target is my weakness!!! Lol!! It’s even better when you find a good deal there. I had no idea makeup goes on clearance, so I’ll definitely be going down that isle on my next Target run

    1. Oh, yeah, I had no idea until I stumbled in on clearance day! There was still some stuff on clearance last week from the Nyx line, even ^_^

  2. Lucky! I was there the other day and I didn’t see anything worth spending money I wasn’t suppose to be spending lol I’m glad you found some good finds! NYX on sale is always a win 😌

    1. Lol, thank you. I was legit overwhelmed that day, lol. I’m sure you’ll get some good ones soon, though ^_^ True about NYX, omg that was the best part of the sale tbh.

  3. I love shopping at Target, I have not been in the make up area in awhile, But you can bet this weekend, I will be there. I hope I have not missed all the great deals. I love NYX, and I use some of ELF’s products as well. You have some great finds. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I hope so for you! That’s usually my first or second section to check out, lol. Thanks hun, I’m sure happy with them and have video reviews coming up featuring them ^_^.

  4. First of all, I LOVE Target it. Secondly, every time I go in there I always find some good deals.. I swear its a set up lol.

    1. I swear it is! Especially when I use the cartwheel app and find even more! Omg. Just last time, though, I bought some clothes and there was a surprise discount at checkout on that! Idc, Target can keep taking my coins with these deals, lol.

      1. Right?! I love that darn cartwheel app. I’ve been avoiding it on purpose so I’m not tempted to go to the store lol.

        1. Ah! It’s the best! I do have to keep it closed when I’m not there, too or I’ll make any excuse to go shopping haha!

    1. You’re a stronger woman than I. I loaded up and didn’t bother to look back, lol. Well, being fair, I only picked up things that I was 99% sure would work for me, so that helped. Still unsure about that foundation palette, lol.

  5. Omg girl yes! I went to Target the other day to grab a new lip shade for my video shoot and ALL of the makeup was on sale. Needless to say I ended up getting way more than one lip color. haha!

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