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Global Beauty Care Pore Refining Gel Mask

GBC Pore Refining Mask
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Skincare Saturday ft. Global Beauty Care

GBC Pore Refining Mask
Global Beauty Care’s Pore Refining Gel Mask surrounded by some of their other masks – with applicator.

Hi! I know it’s not Skincare Saturday – a series I run on my YouTube channel, but I thought I’d give you guys a quick taste of what I like to review when it comes to skincare – and tell you about a project I’m running related to this pore refining gel mask by Global Beauty Care.

But first, I should probably tell you how I even found out about Global Beauty Care/Spascriptions* in the first place. I found them on my first voyage into TJ Maxx’s skincare section. Usually, I would go there to find cute underwear and quirky snacks – I remembered finding some caffeinated mints as a kid and of course, my mom didn’t let me get them, so I would stop in on the off chance that they began carrying them, again.

Then I saw it: This huge white (or sometimes black) box with a giant jar of colored stuff and a spatula inside. I looked at the price and had to try it. And I kept finding these there – they seemed to have a new one each time I came in – until I tried them all (or so, I thought – I found another one that’s currently sitting on my entertainment center).

I’m reviewing the blue one – their pore refining gel mask for you today and once I’m finished with it (I’ll be using it nightly until it’s gone, however long that takes – it’s a huge jar, so who truly knows? We’re about to find out), I’ll come back with an updated opinion. For you all, this isn’t a true first impression, but you can find my video (linked here) of my first impression of this product. First thing – it is a beautiful aqua shade. On the box, this looks like it went on opaque, which is not the case. It is, however, very cold. I think that’s the case with most face masks – at least, that’s been my experience.

Global Beauty Care Pore Refining Gel Close Up.
Pore Refining Gel and applicator close up.

After The Treatment:

It does, however, dry – or oxidate? A little more opaque. It starts to look a little pale when it’s time to take off. I only learned this as I was about to wipe it off in the mirror, I fully expected it to be transparent, still. My skin feels cool and refreshed after removal. I’ve only used it twice, now, though – and not on consecutive days. I’m not really expecting miraculous pore disappearance, though. Truthfully, I’ve never been terribly concerned with the size of my pores – and no one else has, either. My grandmother would have definitely mentioned them at some point – she takes my skincare more seriously than I do, and she always has (thankfully, I learned a lot from her and continue to learn now).

So, now we wait – Will I notice a difference? Have you finished a jar of this and seen any differences? Leave a comment to let me know. Until next time, have a wonderful day and I’ll see you guys soon!

*I’ve seen some of the same products sold as both Global Beauty Care and Spascriptions, though both are on the Global Beauty Care website, so I assume Global Beauty Care owns Spascriptions.

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