About Me

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Hey, Wonderful People! Welcome to my blog, IAmAllofTheAbove, where I do it all, so there’s something for everyone. I’m a Youtuber who started as a blogger and I love writing so much that I came back to it. I’m not abandoning my channel, I just needed to expand my corner a little.

What I do:

There are things I’ve been wanting to explore that definitely fit my tagline both here and on my channel, but I think a blog might be a more suitable place for some of it. Some of these interests are fashion, food – whether it be recipes of my own or from others, my favorite local establishments (until I get to travel, then there’ll be more), and caffeine in it’s many forms. Skincare (I guess it wasn’t enough to just do Skincare Saturdays on my channel), makeup and writing have been part of my life nearly forever (well, makeup is a more recent interest).

I’d like to write about my thoughts on life, experiences I’ve had and since I live with a chronic illness, maybe my posts about that will help someone. I have so many interests that I can’t possibly list them all here. I never had a problem bonding with others over things that girls, especially weren’t expected to enjoy.  Growing up, I enjoyed things like playing cards, video games and action movies. I’m bringing these things back into my life because I genuinely enjoy and want to share them with you all.

Join me on my adventure to feel more comfortable with my fashion, enhance my photography skills, understand my health issues and share recipes I come up with along the way – There will be more, of course – I might even travel! I’ll want you there with me when I do, so join the party and let’s explore together!