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My First Travel Blog

Hi, wonderful people! Welcome back to my blog and if you’re new here, hi! Welcome to the party. As you can see by the title, I went traveling a little bit, which I vlogged about on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/AllofTheAboveOfficial. It was fun, but even 2 hours worth of footage couldn’t capture it all.

This was a much needed trip for me, I’ve been feeling pretty low and like nothing I say matters to anyone (so even if I had a relevant thought in groups or forums, I didn’t share because I was worried that I’d be brushed off – I kind of was when I pointed out something bigoted in one of the groups. It was addressed, but in an “I actually agree with the bigot, but someone complained, so here we are” way. I’m sure you can imagine how that felt.) So, when my family called for me to spend some time, I took them up on it (we live in different states).

Anyway, while I was out spending time with my family, I learned that 1) there are people who look up to me (I won’t tell you how low I was feeling, but this was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise to learn. I wouldn’t have expected anyone would be looking up to me. Not that I’m a bad person, I’m just … me?).

2) I have/had some hardcore fans that I didn’t know about and wouldn’t have suspected (see 1, also, I keep to myself a lot. My family doesn’t know what I do online, so this isn’t what they’re looking up to me for.

And 3) I come from a line of photographers, apparently. I learned a lot about my family, tbh. That was really fun. It would have made those god-awful family tree projects more bearable (I never understood why schools insisted on these, especially knowing so many kids family situations aren’t what they consider “normal”… I could write a whole post on this, tbh…).

So, I was out of town to spend time with my family (I haven’t seen them in years, we live in different states and money hasn’t always been present), clear my head, test some skills (in the most covert of ways. Around my family, I could only shoot on my phone) and try to feel better. Though I have mental illnesses, I don’t feel qualified to give advice about them beyond “don’t tell us these things, since it really doesn’t help” and share my experiences. After returning, I definitely do feel better.

There were some things about this trip that I found interesting, maybe some of them can be cleared up by you guys, but I found them cool, anyway. Like the eggMcMuffin. Where I live, we get Canadian bacon on the sandwich unless we ask for something else (and I’ve never thought to, as the cb is fine).

At the rest stop in Iowa, I got maple bacon (which I’m not remotely mad about, it was delicious). I don’t know if they ran out of the Canadian and forgot to ask me or if that’s normal, but I didn’t mind. I’m just glad there wasn’t sausage, which has never sat well with my stomach. I don’t know why (well, usually. I did love that Bacon Jam pizza from Big River Pizza and that one came with sausage, so, Idk?).

Next was that I didn’t care what other people thought of me taking pictures and video all over the place (especially on the bus/train. Once, on a trip I had years ago, I heard some people loudly comment that I was recording and continue their conversation equally loudly (like, why bother to point it out if you aren’t going to quiet down so I can get the shot? Rude), but I didn’t need the ambient noise, anyway, so I just made the video silent, but I don’t think I ever used it…That trip was bad, the heat stopped working on the bus that arrived late (Megabus) because of a snow storm in Chicago, leaving our feet frozen until whenever the heat started working and I woke up almost at my stop back home (I mean the whole thing was bad, from beginning to end (except my taxi driver home, he was nice) but we won’t talk about that today).

While in Chicago, I walked into a Walgreens that I thought would be a lot larger (back home, we have one that’s two stories, this one was in a skyscraper, but was only one floor. Honest mistake), saw that they sell alcohol, souvenirs and got worried that I wasn’t supposed to record in there when someone greeted me, so I stopped (I’m still kind of new to vlogging outside of my apartment. I know some places don’t allow recording, but I still don’t know which?).

She turned out to be a very nice lady who had recently bought her daughter another type of Canon camera (a DSLR of some sort, if I’m not mistaken) so she could pursue her passions. I told her about my camera and what I do with it. She asked for my information for her daughter, so I left that with her for them. That was nice. It’s always nice to not get laughed out of a vicinity and told you’re a joke, but instead be taken seriously. Not that I’ve been laughed out of a vicinity, but you know.

I met a guy at Dark Matter who may not have been who he claimed to be, but I overheard him talking about his photography and blog. I’m interested in photography and have my own blog, so I tried to speak with him a little about that and what I do. My line of thinking was that we both have blogs and are into photography, so it couldn’t hurt to put myself out there again and hopefully make a connection, right?




But he wasn’t interested in my stuff (by this point, my Canon had run out of it’s second battery, so I was using my point and shoot nikon, I may not have been taken seriously for this reason). He did show me some of their special tap coffee, though. I guess this was my first attempt to network, or something? I don’t know what I’m doing, yet. I followed him on instagram, but the guy I’m following doesn’t look like him? Why lie? I guess maybe he was trying to impress the other girl.

Oh well, not everyone’s gonna be interested in my stuff and not everyone is trying to make connections/network, even on a social level, so I’m not that upset. It was more the vibe of “My stuff’s worth talking about for whatever reason, but yours isn’t, so I won’t discuss it further with you” that I didn’t like, and, again, being lied to just to give…someone else? A follower, like, what? Well, I tried, anyway, and that’s all that Matters.

Black Splash from Dark Matter Coffee









Not mentioned in the vlog is how I got lost on my way back. But first, I went to 7-11, because we don’t have one, here, anymore and I needed to see what was inside. I’d watched videos about 7-11 elsewhere, and no, this was nothing like those, but it was still fun to look, even if I couldn’t get the deadpool drink because it wasn’t ready, yet. Anway, after leaving Dark Matter (which was maybe four blocks from the train station), I looked all over this train station for where I was supposed to board (getting back with under an hour to spare).

But I was also kind of hangry (at this point, I’d spent about half an hour frantically running around with two coffees (they made mine wrong, originally and said I could take the wrong one, as well to give someone else, so I did), so I went to the McDonalds that I’d once run to when I used Megabus only to learn that they have kiosk ordering, now.

We still don’t have that where I am, so, of course, I ordered from the kiosk (which I loved). Then, I got my food, went down to where one of the employees directed me and was escorted to the train in a line she led. That was a relief, because I passed a lot of people many times trying to find this area (and I would not have, without her).

The first train was interesting. I didn’t really know what it would be like, since I haven’t been on one in forever (I mention in the vlog that I went to Wisconsin Dells with my mom and cousin as a toddler). I’ve heard about dining cars and how people can sleep on the train, but, being the type who prefers firsthand experience, I didn’t go searching about this stuff ahead of time outside of what I was told. The first dining car was kind of like a vending area/cafeteria. I chose a hotdog, which you can see below. I wasn’t super hungry, I just wanted to try some stuff because the experience was new to me.

The next one is where they instituted a weird rule. I wouldn’t have minded this rule if everyone thought the same way and I was on the train for this purpose, as well, but there was an announcement that went along the lines of “Don’t bring your phone or camera to the dining car, because that’s not what you’re here for. Be social with your dining partners. We’re serious, leave your phones and cameras behind, don’t take pictures or videos, you aren’t here for business, you’re here for the experience” (how would they know what anyone’s there for, tbh?) Lucky for them, my cameras all died around the same time, anyway. Unfortunately for me, there were some dope views during that dinner.

I did get to share some of the pictures I took with a couple of ladies who were headed my way at dinner. Well, they were going further north than I was, but we were all seated together. I lamented about the stupid rule and they both told me to just whip my cameras out, anyway. They were near death (the cameras, OMG), but I showed them some of my photography (too bad the camera they got to look through had a gaggle of selfies and other pics that were exclusively for YouTube thumbnails or blog posts like this one).

I’d have been embarrassed when one lady said “Haha, another selfie” had I not been prepared with this blog, which I started this year as a birthday present to myself or my YouTube channel I’ve had for years. I do take lots of selfies that go unseen, though). None of the staff said anything, though they passed us with my cameras multiple times (it was super hectic, the ladies I was with joked that we might all end up with each other’s bills. I ended up ordering the salmon (despite my parents talking up the steak and the waitress suggesting the black bean burger, which I’ll be trying next time, honestly. I just haven’t had salmon in so long).

I almost forgot that I went thrifting while I was out with my family. This was probably the thrift store of my dreams, honestly. You guys have no way of knowing this, but I love skateboards. Longboards, doesn’t matter, if it’s a board with 4 wheels, I want it (well, maybe I’m a little pickier than that, but you get my point). My first skateboard was thrifted, red and white (red left and right, white middle). A neighbor had to fix the trucks, since they were too tight and inhibited turning. Anyway, I found three at this thrift store.

One was tiny and would have been a perfect makeshift slider for my camera (but I was worried that it might get damaged under the train, so I left it). The other two were normal size. I was just so happy to see them, is all. I almost never find boards at my local thrift stores, and it’s not for lack of searching. I search hard. You wouldn’t believe how hard I search while thrifting – but that’s for anything I’m on the lookout for. I’ll write a post about it, later.

I have more to share with you all about different things, like another vlog I recently posted with a friend. I can’t share that one, yet though. We’re waiting on a third party who is very busy. No real rush, I’m just so proud of my friend going for his dreams and thankful that he’s letting me document the process with him as I pursue my own dreams. Then there’s a couple themed posts I need to write for you all, along with some thoughts I have about other things.

That’s all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed my post and if you did be sure to like and subscribe (thanks for joining the party if you did, if you haven’t, what are you waiting for, lol?), have wonderful day and I’ll see you all next time, bye~~~

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  1. A fellow tea lover and photographer. Bless up! It’s really sweet you had that interaction with the mom and got to talk a little bit about your work and passion. I love interactions like that.

    1. Hey ~ nice to meet you! I couldn’t agree more. Those are the best interactions 😁

  2. Its wonderful that you got to clear your head and learn and discover new things. Sometimes you never know whose looking up to you trust me I know this from experience, great post and keep up the great work

    1. Thank you! You’re so right, you never know and it’s such a nice surprise when it does happen.

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